Monday, November 5, 2007

Transits: Awaiting The Divine Hammer Blow

Ask any medical student: at some point or another they all end up believing they have some strange monkey virus or something. It's virtually universal: you can only spend so long looking at the possible disasters before you start believing in one.

Astrologers are prone to this sort of thing too. One of the great joys in my line of work has been teaching it, and one thing I can count on is hearing from an old student, typing away at three in the morning, worried about the South Node conjuncting their secondary progressed Mercury during a void of course moon, or something.

As I write this, I am awaiting the transiting Moon In Virgo to conjunct with Venus... normally not a cause for alarm. But said conjunction will also be squaring Pluto, which is in turn is exactly opposite my natal Jupiter, which resides in the dark abandoned carnival ride that is my 12th House. And Uranus is conjuncting my natal Saturn. And Neptune is squaring my natal Neptune. And transiting Saturn is squaring my natal Mercury and Nodes. And transiting Jupiter is opposing my natal Sun. And...

And I'm reminded of how many times the little transits from the Moon and Venus are the first pebbles that start the avalanche.

I don't usually write that much about my personal life here -- it's barely my business, let alone anyone else's -- but I thought I'd make an exception today for illustrative purposes. Astrology is not supposed to be about cowering in terror, waiting for the Divine Hammer to fall. Just as paying attention to your health can lead to hypochondria, staring for too long at one's own birth chart can be a practice that goes wrong.

I mention all this simply because I want you all to be as relieved (yet unsurprised) as I am when I'm back here, tomorrow, in one piece... just like I know I will be.



elsa said...

It's barely your business... laughing my ass off, Matthew. :-)

Matthew The Astrologer said...

And no, that's not a picture of me about to smash the TV because CNN is on... but I have my moments...