Friday, July 31, 2009

Astro-Karaoke: Venus In Sagittarius

(To the tune of "Theme From Bonanza")

In bounced a girl with her hair in a curl - she Saggie!
If she goes home with anyone here
I think it's gonna be me!

Three drinks in and she's loaded for sin - that's Saggie!
A suggestive wink and one more drink
And to my place we go!

Hey she's gone, left by dawn
After she rocked my world!
I thought we'd wed, where was my head? She's Saggie!
I should have known my chances were blown
When I told her what to do...


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1 comment:

FrauKlug said...

Ha! That's pretty funny,and kinda right on, esp. the don't tell me what to do part...
I have both Venus and Mars in Sag. in the 5th. house, so it was all about the hunt, the chase, and the catch. ahh..the good old days...