Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Neptune in Pisces: Earthquake And Hurricane

Tomorrow at 4 PM Pacific (1 PM Pacific) on Conquer The Universe With Astrology": I'll be discussing the Neptune in Pisces years. May God Have mercy on us all.

No, scratch that... may we all have mercy on each other. Maybe God has had quite enough of us yelling at Him to fix the mess we've made for ourselves.

"Hurricane hurricane
A mighty earthquake and a hurricane
The earth cracked open and was breathing fire
Everybody's running none ready to die
Some going crazy some insane
Saying save me from the mighty hurricane
People scrambling and on the run
Like they were hit with the atom bomb
Some lay cripple some lay lame
Just save me from the mighty hurricane
Rich folks falling down on their knees
Begging lord have mercy if you please
Take all of my money I don't need a thing
Just save me from the mighty hurricane"

-Willie Dixon

...here's Lurrie Bell's perfectly appropriate cover version. Have a listen, and join me tomorrow.

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