Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Consult An Astrologer?

I've noticed recently that there's a lot of astrology out there on the Internet, and a lot of astrologers... but surprisingly little about what an astrologer can do for you. I'd like to help correct that.

First of all, here's something about why I am an astrologer -- but the short version is this: I was a counselor. I wanted to help people, and astrology cut through the nonsense and got to the answers and to the results faster than anything I learned in college.

You can come to an astrologer out of either general curiosity, or specific needs. Curiosity is great -- it is the best way to uncover issues and options you didn't even know you had. Part of success in life is taking the right action... but another part is asking the right questions. Another component is self-knowledge, and few things in life can help with that better than an outside perspective.

Caring help, facing down and de-constructing obstacles, and self-knowledge... great. But about what, specifically? In short: pretty much anything.

Many of us face dissatisfaction with material life. Am I on the right career path? Where do I even find a career path? How can I increase business opportunities? Where do I look for a job? How do I get my expenses under control? When is a good time to start my own business? When is a good time to leave my job? Yes, I can help you with those questions.

Then there are the connections we form with others. Why do I feel isolated? Why is my partner being the way he/she has been lately? Why don't I have a love life at all? How can I handle these concerns about my family? And so on. I can help you with those issues too. In fact, I've got a Two Astrologer Special going on about that right now...

So: Love and material security. Pretty good so far, dontcha think? And that's without mentioning any of the other things an astrologer like myself can help you with, like:

What can I do to be healthier? What is my spiritual path through life? What's going on with my pets? When's a good time to get a makeover? Where can I find the right social circle? What's going on with my sexuality? Should I go back to school, and when, and how? Is there something I'm supposed to be doing with my life that I'm not?

Like I said before: I can help you with pretty much anything. Drop me a line and find out more.

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