Monday, August 3, 2009

Conquer The Universe With Astrology: Love And Seduction By Starlight

My latest book in the "Conquer The Universe" series is now available: "Love And Seduction By Starlight."

Love? Sure. But... why seduction?

As an astrologer, the majority of consultations I do are centered on issues related to Love. And… whether you planned it that way or not… seduction is a part of the process, as surely as the salesman is a part of the process when you buy a car. Everyone, of course, likes to think they’re above that. The very word “seduction” conjures images of users and bleary-eyed mornings of regret. And sure: sometimes that’s what seduction ends with, just like there really are a few crooked car salesmen out there.

But the truth is that “salesmanship” is a part of life whenever you interact with someone new. No matter how qualified you may feel you are for a job, you still spell-check your résumé and dress nicely. Besides, "seduction" isn't just a ploy: done properly, it's the first gift of yourself you present to a potential romantic partner.

Most of the clients I have come to me with one of two major issues:

  • Where is the love that I really want/need?
  • Why is the love I have not working out the way I want it to?

…And to be perfectly honest, more often than not the answer(s) to those questions boil down to two very simple factors:

  • You don’t fully understand the assets you have, or you aren’t using them properly
  • You don’t really understand how your partner is wired.

This e-book -- 68 pages delivered in .PDF format -- will give you the tools you need to understand yourself, your moods, and how you interact with and love others. It will also give you the means to get a fully-formed handle on the people you love (or would like to love, or would like to have loving you).

"Love And Seduction" contains:
  • The previously released Sun and Moon sections.
  • The all new "Personal Planets" section. Learn how Mercury, Venus and Mars affect how you love and who you love.
  • Special sections on how to use the power of your Venus and Mars.
  • All twelve of my "Compatibility Guides," with notes on how to quickly and easily use them to expand your knowledge of astrology beyond just Sun Sign stuff.
Look up your own placements first, and see how those various pictures add up to make you who you are. If you have the birth data for anyone you have (or had) a relationship with (or unrequited love, or desire, or real contempt for) in past, look them up too. Before long, you’ll find yourself saying “Why didn’t I know this before! Think of all the time and trouble I could have saved myself!”

Also: the better you understand yourself and others using astrology, the more money you’ll save on counsellors, bad dates… and astrologers. You’ll thank me later…

Also: For all those of you who arrived here via Google looking for "How to seduce" an Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Man (or Woman)... you've arrived at the right place.

Don't take my word for it. Here's an early review:

"I find your writing style delightful - as if you are sharing secrets with me - taking the complicated interpretation of mathematical calculations and scientific understandings and making it all approachable, knowable. This is a careful and considered, step-by-step laying down of the fundamentals in applying astrology to our lives, and yet, carefully-considered though it may be, does not seem contrived - rather, it flows like a conversation one might have with a mentor - informative, insightful, and inspired...and always, witty."
-AP, Calgary

Write me with your date, time, and city of birth here for more details. Also, you get a free no-obligation surprise!

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