Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Except: Sun In Taurus

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Have you ever been half starved and had to wait in line at a fast food place while three people in front of you slowly deliberate over their very large orders? That line in front of you was Taurus.

Taurus isn't really greedy, gluttonous, covetous or jealous. It's just that they truly love money, material possessions, eating, and keeping all their stuff. Taurus is represented by the Bull, which is far and away the slowest and meatiest of the Zodiac symbols. In geometry, a "torus" is a doughnut shape, which is entirely appropriate for Taurus. Tauruses love fried food, especially if someone else paid for it. Although Tauruses are big spenders, they also like to save. This central paradox leads many Tauruses to go broke by purchasing things on sale.

Tauruses are excellent at saving energy, which they do by moving slowly. They have a reputation for being sexy and sensuous, which is generally true -- of course; things usually look more sexy and sensuous when they're filmed in slow motion. Taurus likes to deliberate a lot before they make an important decision, and they like to have a lot of options to deliberate over. If you were re-inventing the Zodiac today, instead of a bull, you wouldn't be too far off making Taurus the Buffet Table. Taurus people like to own pretty things, and they like to be pretty things. Almost any Taurus has too much of something in their lives (by other peoples standards), whether it be purses, Green Lantern action figures, lovers, or belly fat.


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