Monday, December 21, 2009

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Bigger And Better Things For 2010!

Hi everyone. I'm vanishing until the New Year, but I'll be back... and in more places than ever.

There will still be the blog here, and of course there's my stuff on, but in 2010 you'll also be able to find my work in a new location... is a new dating site with a difference: some sites tell you what a person's Sun Sign is, but works with your whole birth chart to suggest choices that, astrologically speaking, will really work for you. I'll be blogging about love, sex and romance there starting in January. Personally, I'm looking forward to writing for them.

The site is growing rapidly, so those of you who are looking for romance might want to sign up NOW while it's still in its free trial period. Also, by signing up now, you'll get a free Personality Profile... a good one, in fact.

And now, cheerful holiday music. See you next year!


Jo said...

astrology dating huh? Sounds pretty epic. To be quite honest, I'm surprised that hasn't been done before... perhaps it'll give E-harmony a run for its money :)

Matthew The Astrologer said...

NOTE: I won't be previewing my blog entries here from now on. Better get over there and subscribe to the RSS feed before you miss anything!