Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Live Like A One-Percenter With Astrology!

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If you've paid any attention to the rest of the world during this whole long, gloriously grinding Uranus-Pluto square, you've seen the rise of "the 99%" and references to "the 1%"

Allow me to summarize: there are people with the money and influence to shape their lives any way they want to.... and then there's you, and me, and all our friends, who have to attempt the same, armed only with gumption and pocket lint. Now (avoiding the whole question of how this situation arose) one thing's for sure: we'd ALL like to have the power to shape our lives the way we want to. 

There are three ways you can live like a one-percenter with astrology.

1) Understand your own birth chart. It doesn't matter what resources you have on hand if you don't KNOW what you have.

2) Get a reading. Ancient Royalty used to keep astrologers around for a reason, y'know.

3) You may not be the founder of Facebook, or be a major shareholder... but hey, you're ON Facebook, right?

So: go here...

Click on "LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK TO SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY" and vote for (Or type in Astrology Dating if that confuses it) when you log in with your Facebook account. Don't worry: you aren't being sold anything. This is just a place giving grants to businesses based not on size or wealth, but on how they reach people.

...Like the way astrology reaches YOU.

Besides, when you go to the link and type in "Astrology Dating" and vote, then send me an e-mail (here or elsewhere) to let me know... in the next 2-3 weeks you will receive a copy of my upcoming e-book "Live Like A One-Percenter With Astrology!" 

So, use that power of your... the power that connects you to us and to the larger world. Also, there are some really incredible plans in the pipe for, and that grant would make them happen.

Here's the link again... just type in "astrology dating" in the business name, and there you go. A free e-book and support of a genuinely great business for just a click.

Now THAT'S "power."


Anonymous said...

hahaha. I love this one-percenter with astrology article of yours! Indeed everyone are up to something they want to have in life like money and influence. That list is awesome!

Indian Astrology said...

I have not understand so far what is astrology and why people believe on it. I think that it's a misconception of people who are believing on it.

Anonymous said...

I like to read astrological article because after knowing some fact about Indian astrology. I have left everything to do and i am learning astrology delicately.

Annasmith said...

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Tadd Hoover said...

Definitely tuned in to what you are saying about the one percent. It takes a lot of effort to make it to the top.

Unless you are a good SEO sniper lol.

Would love to chat with you about your excellent blogging skills and many other topics.

My blog is totally missing an astrology section. I only have one astrology article in the "my blog" category.

Would love to have you as a guest blogger. Maybe we can make a deal of some sort. Who knows. Possibilities are endless :)

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