Monday, July 15, 2013

Learn About Venus And Mars!

Mom And Pop's Astro-Shack (Aliza from and myself ) are pleased to present our first-first-ever joint Astrology course!

CLASS BEGINS MONDAY JULY 22nd... just in time for the Full Moon!


In this Facebook-based course, Aliza and I be discussing Venus and Mars in the signs, Venus and Mars in the houses, and also how YOUR particular Venus and Mars natal situation affects how you love, who you love, who drives you crazy, and who you can't forget. Sigh. 

Yes, everyone who joins the class has the option to put their chart up for discussion, led by myself and/or Aliza. 

This class is great for beginners, intermediate students, and even the more advanced astrology student who wants a new look at their Venus and Mars story. 

Each day (although weekends may proceed at a slower pace) there will be new learning material posted, and new discussion of a birth chart, plus general discussion as it pertains to synastry, compatibility, love and sex. 

Aliza also wants to make special mention that she loves helping people solve problems so this class isn't just information, and fun -- although it is that -- but also a place to dig deep.          

The cost is $100 (with a $10 discount for former or current clients of ours). It is a two-week course. We may run into overtime (a third week) if need be. 

By the end of the class, you'll have:

-a better understanding of yourself
-a better understanding of your love style

-a better understanding of your Venus Mars problems and how to fix them
-a text book and reference (in PDF format)

We hope you'll join us!  

EMAIL me for further details



Mukesh Gaur said...

Thanks for giving this knowledge about Venus..this is necessary for me because i want to make a Love Specialist astrologer

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