Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Astro-Weather, June 1-2

The Sun at 11-12 degrees Gemini is rolling into position to oppose Jupiter and square Uranus. Both are relatively slow planets, so the effects are likely to be in areas of your life where issues have been building for a while.

If there's a particular emphasis on Fire signs in your chart, we could be talking about good times indeed. If there's an emphasis on Virgo or Pisces in your chart, we could be talking about an explosion. Quite possibly, a very pleasant explosion. I'd be willing to bet it's an explosion of the romantic variety...

Starting this weekend, and carrying on on throughout the next week, keep a close eye on things if you have any issues with blood sugar or liver function.

PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION if your birthday is March 6-11, June 5-12, September 8-13, or December 5-12.


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