Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Things To NOT Expect From Jupiter In Aquarius

Sure. We let 'em onto our planet, and the first thing they do is run out and get driver's licenses.

-The world will NOT suddenly recognize that the business of a government is not "business," but is in fact caring for the well being of its citizens.

BUT governments around the world are putting aside the laissez-faire philosophy that got us into the current economic mess and are getting back to the notion that money is meant to be spent on people, not on more money.

-Technological advances will NOT suddenly enable you to live an extra 200 years, and The Internet will not suddenly spring to life, Terminator-style,

BUT the US switchover to digital-only TV (originally scheduled for February this year) has been rescheduled for July 1st... during a close Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Translation: despite plenty of advance notice, the process is likely to be a confused mess, somehow.

-We will NOT be contacted by a benevolent species of extraterrestrial life who will give us the technology and the wisdom to bail our pathetic monkey asses out of the mess we've made of ourselves and the planet.

BUT you can expect more signs of life on Mars, like the recently uncovered mystery of the Red Planet's methane levels, which peak in the summer... like it was being produced by life...

The governments of the world will NOT suddenly stop and realize that, more often than not, killing your enemies doesn't actually get rid of your enemies.

BUT it appears the Israelis have stopped attacking the Gaza. Mostly.

So: I remain optimistic.

One sign that there will be at least some change because of Jupiter in Aquarius: after two years of blogging, I'm finally using this video. Forgive me.




Anonymous said...

Cool prancing horses. They're really the most impressive bit of the vid...and that Mister Matt is back to blogging here. Jambo Bwana!

Violet said...

the video is pretty hilarious, the singing too.

Anonymous said...

Given that I was born in 1969, I LOVE this song. I like the dancing too. Since last week, I've been listening to a salsa version by Celia Cruz that I downloaded from iTunes. You should check it out!