Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Astrology Of Bad Love

Over the years as an astrologer, I've seen a lot of bad relationships. And I look at relationships a lot in my role as the blogger for Astrologydating.com. I've also seen a fair number of good ones of course, but let's be honest -- it's the bad ones you often learn the most from. Now although I can't say I've gotten the keys to the "perfect" (ha!) relationship here in my back pocket, but I've certainly observed where a lot of the problems come from.

I've combined much of my material on this subject in a new e-book...

The Astrology Of Bad Love
When The Stars Are Right But Your Heart (Or Head) Isn’t… Or Is That The Other Way Around?

...along with new material you haven't seen anywhere else.

And unlike your last bad relationship... this won't cost you a thing. No, really. It's free. Free. All you have to do is write me and ask for it just like my last freebie (which if you ask for it now... you'll get that TOO).

Whether you're a total beginner at Astrology, or have gotten a little deeper into the dynamics of astrology and relationships... or are just looking for the occasional pained chuckle at how this things can go off the rails... "The Astrology Of Bad Love" has something for you.

What's not to love about THAT?

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