Friday, October 29, 2010

More Medical Astrology With Eileen Nauman!

Thanks, everyone, for listening last night! If you missed it, my guest was medical astrologer Eileen Nauman. The archived version is available HERE if you missed it... and is also on iTunes as a podcast!

Since last night was pretty educational for a lot of us... and there's no better way to learn than to play along at home, here are the charts in question. Click on them... they get bigger.

1) Mary

Mary has specific questions about chronic pain issues.

2) Jana

Jana asks: "Could the NORTH NODE  in Libra have an influence on what my life is supposed to be about?  I have ALWAYS wanted to be a psychologist, but it didn't happen, and usually end up in an accounting job or health care, but ...I love writing, but (blogs, books, cookbooks, children's books),  I feel like a failure, not knowing why I cant get into a career and make money, but I do like to cook a lot and want to start a blog."

3) Liz

Liz has questions about her Scorpio man, why it isn't working out, and whether or not she's doomed to be alone. Meanwhile, her career isn't very satisfying either...


NEXT WEEK: No guests... just me and you and your questions and an extra-special good time. November 11th? Christopher Witecki drops by again! A good time is guaranteed for all...

...and did you write me for your freebie yet...?


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