Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Astrology of 2011: Full Moons And New Moons

Each Sign is going to be affected by a Full and a New Moon in 2011. Here are the dates for those:

ARIES: April 3rd (New Moon) and October 12th (Full Moon)
TAURUS: May 17th (Full Moon) and October 26th (New Moon)
GEMINI: June 1 (New Moon) and June 11th (Solar Eclipse!)
CANCER: January 19th (New Moon) and July 1st (Solar Eclipse!)
LEO: July 30th (New Moon) and August 13th (Full Moon)
VIRGO: August 29th (New Moon) and August 13th (Full Moon)
LIBRA: April 19th (Full Moon) and September 27 (New Moon)
SCORPIO: May 17th (Full Moon) and October 26 (New Moon)
SAGITTARIUS: June 15th (Lunar Eclipse!) and June 11th (Solar Eclipse!)
CAPRICORN: January 4th (Solar Eclipse!) and July 22nd (Full Moon)
AQUARIUS: February 3rd (New Moon) and August 13th (Full Moon)
PISCES: March 4th (New Moon) and September 12th (Full Moon)

...But how will those affect you as an individual? Well... have I got an e-book for you... for only five bucks!

Know nothing about astrology, but know that it works anyway? Know a little about astrology, and want to learn more while following your transits? Ever buy one of those Sun Sign guides and always wondered "what about the OTHER eleven signs out there?"

From Sasstrology.com:
"This 36-page ebook by Matthew Currie will give you an easy-to-use way to understand the major astrological forces at play in 2011: the aspects, the energies set up by planetary sign placements, and the lunar cycles and eclipses that often trigger major events. Best of all, it lets you know when to prepare, when to brace yourself, and when to take action to make your like a better place."
Every major event on the calendar is denoted with a number. That number lines up with an interpretation in the text. Find the day, look up the number(s) of what’s in effect… and there you have it! Mercury retrograde periods are also noted in highlighter.
If you know nothing about astrology, you’ll still be able to use the calendar. If you know a little about astrology, playing along and watching the transits will help you learn more about how astrology works, and the Astrological Mood-O-Meter will help you understand how transits affect yourself and others on a more customized, individual basis. And even if you are a full-blown astrologer yourself, the calendar section lays out the major activity in a quick and easy-to-read manner.
Understanding how all of the astrological transits that are happening in any given time can be really complex and confusing. In this book, I’ve presented them in what I believe is the most simple and easy-to-follow… yet accurate… format I can think of. If you’re a seasoned pro, it can serve as a gentle reminder of what’s coming up in the sky, and what you need to pay attention to. If you know nothing about astrology… well, I think I’ve come up with a format that will give you a previously unparalleled degree of understanding of how the transits affect you and everyone else around you… no astrological knowledge required!


Oh, and one more thing? Buy the e-book and then find me on Facebook, and I'll send you a freebie. Yes, really. Heck, write me and I'll send you a freebie anyway.

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