Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wikileaks, Wikifear, And The Astrology Of Julian Assange

Join me Thursday on "Conquer The Universe With Astrology" and my special guest, astrologer Lynn Hayes. We'll be talking about what's coming up for 2011, and I'll be getting her opinion on what may be the biggest developing story of 2011... one which has already started.

You've already heard about Wikileaks and the huge embarrassment caused to the world's (well, mostly America's) intelligence community. Huge pressure has been placed on Wikileaks to put it out of business... dubious personal charges against founder Julian Assange, calls for his immediate termination (and no, I don't mean "firing"), and various attempts to cut off his funding.

But then.... PayPal went down. Mastercard went down. Visa went down. Angry mobs with torches -- the cyberspace version -- are hard at work. And Uranus The Rebel Planet hasn't even reaches feisty Aries yet. That happens in March 2011.

Another thing that is scheduled to happen in early 2011? Wikileaks releases its next big info-dump. This time: thousands of documents relating to American Banking.

If people could get this upset over diplomatic gossip... how are they going to react when they find the Enron-sized shenanigans that go into their credit card rates, and their mortgages, and financing the people who voted for more tax breaks for the ultra-rich?

Here's the birth chart for Julian Assange... birth time uncovered by Mountain Astrologer Magazine:

We live in interesting times, people. And they're about to get a lot more interesting. Join Lynn and I Thursday for more, and write me for your freebie!


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