Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Conquer The Universe With Mayan Astrology!

I admit it: I know nothing about Mayan Astrology. I've heard interesting things, certainly... but I freely confess my ignorance on the matter. So it's a good thing that my guest, astrologer and author Bruce Scofield is going to be on tonight's special Tuesday edition of the show.

Heck, long before I'd even heard of Mayan Astrology, Bruce Scofield was a master of Western Astrology. Now his practice includes both. And he's the author of fourteen books and runs One Reed Publications, so one way or another, I'm bound to learn something from tonight's show.

Maybe you will too... but of course, you'll have to listen to find out.

PS: You may have heard a lot about disastrous times coming in 2012. I always say "bet against the end of the world, 'cause it'll only happen once." Mayan Astrology has a lot to say about 2012. Maybe Bruce will set me straight...


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More freebies and more great guests coming up in The New Year, including Dr. Craig Martin from "Millionaire Matchmaker" on January 20th, Michael Lutin, Jeff Jawer and more! Here are all the archives and the reminders for upcoming shows...