Sunday, October 7, 2007


Today I'd like to draw your attention to a valuable resource on the Internet for those of you tired of the "you believe in that stuff?" look whenever the subject of astrology comes up in conversation.

If you want simple, easy-to-see proof that astrology actually does have an affect, you need look no further than Astrofaces, one of the first astrological web sites that really grabbed my attention.

Astrofaces is trying to compile a collection of photographs of people's faces, sorting them by Sun/Moon/Rising sign, and letting the results speak for themselves. Of course if you've been into astrology long enough, and seen it in action in the real world, you can probably already spot that lazy/sexy Taurus-rising walk or that proud Leo rising cranium.

It's quite another thing, though, to have visible proof staring you in the face that yes, astrology works. And it's quite the kick introducing your friendly neighborhood skeptic to have a browse.

Have a look at other people with your Sun Moon and Rising signs. Even if you're used to the notion, it can be a little startling at first.

I only have one problem with all of this though:

Why haven't you sent your picture in yet?


Beque said...

I may have to, since they don't appear to have any with my particular combination....

Bane said...

I'm very very shy.
I don't want to be the first one on the libra + virgo + pisces combination :0

[+ age factor (15... it could look like I'm seeking attention due to some teenage issues, people I know may comment on me, etc...)

+ size of picture (not in standard format...)]

I really like the research though, I mean it could be the tool to prove astrology as science!

Yep, anyway...I think I'm mumbling on.

Bye now.

Heck, I will post someday when I am comfortable with this D:.

Amsco Table said...

Just letting the results speak for themselves.

Surgical Tables said...

Watching forward to another great website. Good luck to the author! all the best!