Friday, October 5, 2007

Astrological Back-Seat Driving: The Signs Read The Signs

ARIES: "Hmph. Like we had any intention of turning back, anyway..."

TAURUS: "Ah, we must be entering The Bakery District. Pull over."

GEMINI: "Let me drive. I can handle this one."

CANCER: "(Sobbing) No one helped me cross the street when I was a kid"

LEO: "Remember when you used to do things like that for me? You know, before you started taking me for granted?"

VIRGO: "Actually, by my measurements, it's a twelve point five percent grade..."

LIBRA: "Will you still love me when I'm that age?"

SCORPIO: "Maybe now we'll get to the truth!"

SAGITTARIUS: "Yee-ha! Free massage while you drive. Speed up, the suspension can take it!"

CAPRICORN: "Chill out! We're saving a fortune on gas being stuck behind this tractor!"

AQUARIUS: "That's unfair! Big Oil must be behind this. I'm starting a letter-writing campaign..."

PISCES: "I sure know that feeling..."


Anonymous said...

I love these roads signs with comments for each Zodiac sign. What a hoot. Thank you.


Twilight said...

Love it! Great stuff, Matthew! :-)

Neith said...

Ha, Ha, Ha!!!! You have done it again!!! Great one, Matthew!! :-D

I'm still laughing at the Pisces Sign . . .

Pat Paquette said...

Matthew, this is priceless!!!

Phelony Jones said...

As I was driving today I'd think of the scorpio sign and start laughing.

Mostly because I could hear my boss' voice/hear it with her energy. I think I might have to share this with her

chrispito said...

Your humour is brilliant my friend...thank you!

Anonymous said...

those are hilarious

Libra said...

uhm very fitting! hehe