Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Mad Astrologer: Reality, Reshaped To Order

I've been following Pat's comments on the astrology of The Galactic Core (26-28 degrees Sagittarius) and what (if anything) is the significance of Pluto's prolonged stay there. I've always known it's significant, somehow, but I've always had a hard time pinning it down. Up until recently, the most I could get out of it was that it seems to appear a lot in the charts of science fiction and fantasy fans.

Current experience is teaching me the true meaning of this point in the sky, or so I think. Pluto is Transformation. The Galactic Core is, in a sense, the Center of everything in the sky, and thus astrology, and thus... life.

The planet of transformation is in a straight line with the Core. Connect those two points with a line, and that line proceeds straight to Earth. To you.

I normally take a very down-to-Earth, practical approach to astrology. After all, have you ever tried to "manifest" your way out of the ditch after a car has hit you? How well did that work? Frankly, in a situation like that, I'll take a decent paramedic over Gandalf The Grey any day.

But things are happening on a huge scale these days, for me and for a lot of us. So here is what I'm suggesting to all my dear readers and friends out there:

Today is not not a day to look at the sky and ask "why." Today is a day to look inward and ask "what do I want?" and be specific. Look around inside until you see the very specific, unambiguous details of what you really want.

Find that Truth, and shout it with all your might. Make a few demands. Stop taking prisoners.

Today: The Universe listens intently... so speak to it with Intent.



chrispito said...

Thanks Matthew, such a sound piece of writing.

I'm trying to articulate what I need but it seems so out of my control I am in turns, sitting around doing nothing and crying about wanting to do something, and feeling unable to.

Screw it, I'm just going to tell the Universe what I want and ignore this Mars Square Pluto transit I've entered!

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Exactly! To hell with how you get there... just aim at the destination and shoot!

Neith said...

God, surrounded by Sagittarius types!!! LOL!! Sounds like a plan to me, so I'll join you all . . . just keep in mind Mars is going to put all action on hold here shortly . . . :-)

chrispito said...

Ha ha! I'm pointing my finger at Mars...oh wait, I better not.
Hurry, Neith...before you have to hurry up and wait ::grins::

Jeffrey Kishner said...

The center of the galaxy seems so vast, too large for my small mind to comprehend. Can't you just make it go away?

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts for those of us who have 26-7 Sag. at that line between houses?

For me it separates the 7th and 8th. As for Pluto, yeah, I know. . .

kj said...

Shouting Intent to the Universe... you know, it's been awhile. Thanks, Matthew.

Oh, and here's to the Echos... @;-)

Anonymous said...

"After all, have you ever tried to "manifest" your way out of the ditch after a car has hit you? How well did that work?"

BTW Matthew, I forgot to tell you how much I love this line "...manifest your way out of the ditch..." It landed on my top five list of Best Lines Ever. @;-) Thanks.