Monday, October 6, 2008

The Astrology Of Melamine: China, Deception, And Neptune In Your Milk

One thing that always fascinates me about astrology: "mundane astrology" (reading the birth chart of a company or a country) works just as well as reading the birth chart of an individual person.

Consider the case of China. In the recent past, China has attempted to polish their image with other nations via the spectacle of the Beijing Olympics (birth chart for the People's Republic Of China here). The problem here is that, although the intentions are good... the astrology is terrible. Not only did the Olympics turn out to be (at best) a mixed blessing for China, but China is now the subject of a great deal of foreign press. Not in a good way, though.

China's economy relies heavily on exports, especially of food products. China's national "birth chart" has Venus in the 9th House (which in a country's chart rules exports), so this is no surprise. But that Venus, at 19 degrees Scorpio, has been squared for some time by transiting Neptune. Neptune, traditionally, rules delusion and deception.

Another thing Neptune rules? Poison.

In 2006 China was reported to have a "serious surplus" of the stuff lying around, largely as a side effect of China's dependence on coal gasification technology. There are a lot of legitimate industrial uses for melamine, but of course that isn't why the stuff is in the news lately. Melamine is also useful for faking out chemical tests for protein content.

In other words: it helps you pass off not food as food.

This first started making news in early 2007 when it was discovered that dogs and cats were dying because of melamine poisoning. Melamine had been added to pet food to mask a relatively low protein content. In other words, it was a deliberate contaminant added to cover up a deliberate lack of nutritional substance. China of course promised to clean up its act, and that it wouldn't happen again. It was an isolated incident, limited to pet food.

...And then the bad milk turned up. It turned up in candy. It turned up in chocolate. It turned up in baby formula. It has killed at least four children and made over 53,000 children sick.

Neptune doesn't pass out of square range to China's Venus until early 2010. Until then, your best bet is to be very un-Neptunian with your grocery-buying habits, and read the country of origin on your food products... immediately after you notice that fabulous sale price.

In true Neptunian-delusional form, even that may not be enough. You see, although all food products have to be labeled as to their country of origin, all of the individual ingredients don't have to be labeled as to where they came from. And many food products around the world are made from imported ingredients. A lot of those come from China.

Be cautious next time you see a food bargain. After all... some bargains can kill.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. This topic has been on my mind. I helps to understand that "Melamine is also useful for faking out chemical tests for protein content."

I have pets and I adore Cadbury chocolates. I wish there was a way to chide sleazy Neptune and make is sit in a corner. :-)

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is why the only garlic you can buy in the supermarket these days is grown in China!
Or organic for $11 a pound. Too much for a student like me.

I planted my own last year and sadly they didn't come up well at all. :(
Here's hoping for better luck this year.