Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say Nice Things About Mercury Before The Debate

Although I am still laid low with the Mercury Retrograde flu, I wanted to briefly mention that I am really looking forward to the Biden-Palin debate tonight. Given that transiting Mars is squaring Sarah Palin's natal Mercury (and possibly her Moon) and is quincunxing Biden's Uranus (which rules his Third House... speaking, among other things), we could be in for a wild one, even more so than Biden's reputation for running his mouth and Palin's reputation for sounding like a dumbass would indicate. So far there doesn't seem to be a huge consensus on how the election is shaping up, except that Obama appears to be holding a slight lead.

Yes. I admit it. I will be watching the debate for the same reason that many watch auto racing: just to see if there are any terrible crashes.

And, based on recent events in the US regarding voters lists, I am more convinced than ever that my prediction of mayhem, with this Election Day being a massive screw-up is going to come true.

Mostly though, this blog entry is one last attempt to appease the Angry Retrograde God before anything else goes haywire in my life. Doctors still get sick, lawyers get sued, and astrologers have difficult transits.

So, today's assignment? Say nice things about Mercury. Please. You know Biden and Palin didn't...


Anonymous said...


Please take care of yourself while this Mercury Retrograde flu goes away. You could maybe try to eat something delicious and perhaps it would help? ;)

Jilly said...

Hope you feel better.

I will flip back and forth between the debate and the Cubs game. Looking forward to both.

Anonymous said...


Happy healing vibes are being sent your way...unless you'd rather have a happy, healing super extra big cup of the best coffee you can have and " a few" chocolate covered doughnuts.

Feel Better Soon.


Twilight said...

Hope you're feeling better, Matthew.

No fireworks at the debate, just "Winkin' Blinkin' and Nods".
Unfortunately Palin will not "sail away in a wooden shoe" as they did.
Her adequately memorised performance will be welcomed rapturously (no pun intended) by her party.

I like Biden after this even more than I did before. I particularly enjoyed his pointed stare into the camera (a la Jack Benny) at one point. ;-)

Matthew The Astrologer said...

You know... I thought "Jack Benny" too. And here I was afraid I'd look too old if I mentioned it. :)