Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Relationships: Breaking The Language Barrier

My neighbors moved here from Germany. They have two cats: one was born here, and the other came with them. They both wander outside on occasion, and I get to see them.

The Canadian cat has always been very friendly. The German Cat has always been distant and stand-offish. I am the same person with both of them, and dismissed the German Cat's attitude as being a result of his personality... because, after all, cats have birth charts too.

I was outside earlier today, watching Canadian Cat's ongoing (and thus far, incredibly unsuccessful) efforts to catch a squirrel, when German Cat wandered by. I've gotten used to the idea that he has no interest in me... or apparently, anyone or anything else.

Nonetheless, I tried something different this time. I addressed him in German.

And now I have a new friend.

There is a lesson in this, I believe, if you are having trouble with your love life and are busy studying your own birth chart. You'd be surprised how many people make this mistake... myself included.

Remember this, next time your Aries is being too "obnoxious," your Taurus too "stubborn," your Gemini too "unfocused," your Cancer too "moody," your Leo too "self-absorbed," your Virgo too "picky," your Libra too "wishy-washy," your Scorpio too "intense," your Sagittarius too "ungrounded," your Capricorn too "dour," your Aquarius too "weird," or your Pisces too "emotional."

Half the battle of making any relationship work boils down to learning the language.




Anonymous said...

Silence is also a language right? Perhaps you may know where to buy a silence - words / words - silence dictionary/translator?

Matthew The Astrologer said...

No comment.

deirdre said...

Die Sterne hast du gefunden, dann bist du verphlichtet dem arroganten internet zu erzählen, damit bist du manche mal ernst manchemal witzig. du schreibst wenn du willst du spielst mit den Wörter du rechnest viel Horoskopen, du überrascht uns pünktlich du sprichst mit den Amis und Kräuter du siehst uns alle aber auch gar nicht aber doch wir lesen dein Blog so gern, dass weiss du ganz genau, Meow.

Liebe Grüße von einer Fisch Frau aus Hamburg

Dunyazade said...

Oh god, I miss having a cat :D

Being able to address a cat in its own language - would be the only reason to get me to learn german. lol :p (it's a weird and - sorry - "ugly" language, imo).

May you friendship be long and prosper!

Anonymous said...

Excellent point of view. :-)

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Danke, dierdre. In der Universität musste ich zwischen Französisch und Deutsch wählen.

Die Mädchen in der Deutschen Klasse waren hübscher. :)

Laura said...

so true, funny {but excellent} you got it by watching a couple of cats.

Violet said...

nice to see u back to writing