Thursday, December 30, 2010

Practical Astrology: How To Seduce A Scorpio Man The Easy Way

If you read the quick and easy guides to the Sun Signs you find at any typical supermarket check-out, you might get the impression that the best and easiest way to get a Scorpio man into the sack is to tell him in detail about your bondage gear, your prehensile tongue, or that drunken experimentation you did with your college room-mate.

Nonsense. Sure, Scorpios like sex, but they are subtle creatures too.

Here's how to bag that scorpion:

Proceed in the same way you would with anyone else. Let's say a nice dinner over lobster and wine... or tacos and mini-golf. It doesn't matter.

The one thing you should do to handle him slightly differently than other guys?

Make sure your bra strap peeks out. Or... if conditions permit... a thong strap. But not both. Preferably this strap should be red, or black, or some girly color. Or maybe a nice floral lace pattern. The point is to subtly draw attention to something that (theoretically) should not be visible.

Don't make a big deal out of it. Watch his eyes and see how long it takes him to notice this. Of course, if he is locked into making eye contact with you, you probably don't need my help. The second time you catch him glancing at your peek-a-boo lingerie show, subtly carry on with your conversation as you poke it back into place.

A few minutes later, move your shoulder enough to let it pop out again. Don't repeat this too many times... two or three times should be more than enough.

The point here is to let him know that you are a woman, and that there is more going on beneath the surface. Something that maybe you'd normally hide, but you are comfortable enough with him that you don't mind him knowing it. That, and there are only a few millimeters of fabric between him and The Promised Land. And if he plays his cards right, you'll give him a guided tour.

What you do with him after this is entirely up to you. He'll think that's all up to him... but of course, you and I know better.

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Merlene Shedlock said...

sounds all rather lovely darling but didn't you forget to mention the shovel and spade at the foot of the bed? scorpio's are notorious for leaving no stone unturned? Why are so many scorpions found in surgeons?

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Hey, I covered how to get one into the sack. What you do afterwards is up to you and your lawyer. :)

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