Monday, June 13, 2011

Astro-Mood: Sun Conjunct Mercury In Gemini

"Welcome to Geminis Hair Salon! Today's Special... the Sun (Ego) and Mercury (Thought) are conjunct! Can I get you a coffee? Tea, perhaps? Diet drink? Sangria? Root Beer? Milkshake? Prune Juice? Vodka Martini? Anyway, Today's Special is bound to lead to lots of bold new thinking! That's always a good thing, right? Now, were you looking for a trim? A perm? Dye job? How about extensions, or... I know! A Mohawk! I hear they're coming back! Oh, as I was saying... yes, lots and lots of ideas floating around today, and I'm sure they're all really, really practical and constructive! Brush cut? How about an Afro? Ever try the Bettie Page look? How about highlights? Um, wait a second... what was my original point?

...oh, right... Welcome to Geminis Hair Salon! Today's Special... the Sun (Ego) and Mercury (Thought) are conjunct!"

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