Thursday, June 23, 2011

Conquer The Universe With Astrology TONIGHT!

Tonight at 10 PM Eastern (7 PM Pacific): Two hours of non-stop astrological edjucatainment!

HOUR ONE: My guest will be BALROK from "Creepy KOFY Movie Time," the legend of San Francisco late-night television. I'll be discussing what it is in his chart that makes him the ideal man for his job, and I uncover a top-secret project from Balrok's near future!

HOUR TWO: April Elliot Kent returns to discuss her new book that will help you learn astrology from the ground up, help you impress your friends, and ... maybe... get a date!

PLUS: Drinking and Eclipsing with Amy Winehouse, another installment of "How's Matthew's Ass?", and our new feature... "Your Soul Mate Is Hiding In Our Chat Room." Of course, for that one... you should really join us live and be in the Chat Room.

Sure, there are other astrologically-based things you could do this evening... but they all suck waaaay more than tonight's show will. Guaranteed.

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