Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A New Moon In Aries, And A New Way To Get A Reading

Even with things you know like the back of your hand, it's good to sometimes stop and ask whether or not there isn't a better way to do that thing. I've given the whole matter of getting a reading from an astrologer some thought, and I've come up with something that I think will work better for YOU... and might also get you free stuff!

Normally, you'd make your payment and then sit there for an hour while an astrologer tell you everything he/she sees. That works fine, but in my experience most people find themselves thinking within a few days that "I should have asked about such and such" or "That didn't tell me what my odds were of getting a job this month!" or something like that.

That's why I've broken down the whole process of "getting a reading" into my new Subscription Reading Service. Instead of getting one big chunk all at once that covers everything... you get customized, monthly chunks that are easier to work with and understand, and still covers everything!

Every month, your Subscription Reading breaks down into four parts:

1) An overview of the transits happening that month... how it influences the people around you. Think of it as a general astrological weather report.  That part will be posted on Youtube every month, like this one:

Parts Two through Four are delivered as an audio file each month to your e-mail.

2) The Specifics: knowing what's going on with everyone else is good -- but what about YOU? This is the segment where I take what's going on in the Zodiac and break it down into the specifics... how they will manifest in your birth chart and your life.

3) Your Questions. Have a specific issue you're facing? Curious about what was going on in the past? Want to learn more astrology? Whatever it is you'd like answers to... you mail me and I answer 'em. It's just like a regular astrological reading times 12 months a year!

4) What Else Have You Got? The final segment will go into one or another specific factors in your birth chart. It goes beyond simple interpretations and looks at how astrology really manifests itself in practical terms in your life!

Here's a video version of the rest, as addressed to a fictional client, "Lori."

One of the best things about doing a reading this way is that it doesn't just fit your schedule and your life... it fits your budget! Various packages are available, and there's probably one that can work for you.

Write me for more details, and I'll send you a free e-book too!

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