Monday, April 15, 2013

The Daily Sky: Venus Enters Taurus

One day the most beautiful woman any of the regulars at Sully's Bar had ever seen walked in off the street and sat down for a drink. She smiled demurely at each of them as she caught the regulars one by one, staring at her. She was radiant. The multicolored lighting from the broken jukebox lit the highlights in her hair. It was if a UFO had landed and deposited an ancient fertility Goddess at Sully's Bar for a Heineken, and to deliver the promise of Eternal Love.

The men all sat there, mesmerized. The each reveled in their own private fantasies... not merely sexual, but more. Somehow this incredible dame carried with her the promise of more. A happy life. A family. Love and acceptance and warmth and home-cooked meals and holding hands and laughing together over small things and epic bouts of love-making.

In fact, they all sat there dreaming of their new lives with their new love until May 9th, when she smiled and left. Afterwards, much sadness and regret ensued.


Venus in Taurus is powerful... but you have to DO something with it!

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