Monday, April 8, 2013

Love And Sex In The Stars: The Power Of Love

People tend to get a little cynical about "love," and who can blame them? The word gets thrown around in advertising and common conversation like it's nothing... and not the bundle of emotional plutonium it can really be. And yet, sometimes, unbelievably... someone comes along who is permanently changed by that power, and uses it to make miracles happen.

On tomorrow's show: our guest is a superhero.

Join us Tuesday at 2 PM Eastern (11 AM Pacific) when Hilary Young and I will have as our guest Siobhan Neilland... or maybe you'd prefer to think of her as Siobhan "ShaBoom" Neilland. Armed only with the power of Love, she saves lives. Siobhan is the founder of OneMama's vision is to help people work together in thriving, sustainable communities around the world, creating a balanced global collective.Their mission is to bring prosperity and health to people all over the world by empowering women as caregivers, mothers, businesswomen and agents of change for their rural communities.

Oh, forget the canned introduction. Siobhan is a superhero, and she's changing the world. What have you done today?

Tuesday at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific

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