Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Daily Sky: Mercury Enters Leo

Okay: admittedly, Mercury in Leo doesn't have the reputation for being the best place in the Zodiac for logical Mercury to hang out in. When it comes to your thoughts and communications, Mercury in Leo represents a time when impulsiveness and emotionality can tinge everything from simple e-mails to big conversations, and that's not always the wisest approach.

But you know... what the heck? Why not? I'm sure that all your boss really needs is a little more feeling in that e-mail as to why the project is behind schedule, or that your Significant Other will get your point about taking the garbage out if you'd just put a little more feeling into it, or perhaps that credit card company would understand if you were a little more HOLY CRAP LADY GET AWAY FROM SIMBA THAT TRANQUILIZER IS GONNA WEAR OFF ANY MINUTE NOW OH GOD OH JESUS WHAT A TERRIBLE MESS --

...On second though, maybe you should rethink that e-mail before you click "send."

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