Friday, August 16, 2013

The Daily Sky: Venus Enters Libra

Venus walked into the Libra Bar swinging her hips girlishly and making her floral print summer dress sway invitingly to gain the attention of everyone there.

No one looked up from their drinks.


She sat down at the middle of the bar by herself and ordered a banana daiquiri. Her eyes scanned the room looking for a potential partner. Still, no one seemed to notice.

"What's wrong?" she asked herself. "Don't people realize that I rule this place? Can't they see how lovely I look today?"

The patrons paid no attention to her, as they carried on focusing on their drinks, as if they were actively avoiding all contact. A surly mood filled the air.

"Surely someone here has to realize that when I am in the place that I rule, affection and fondness and romance will bloom everywhere" she muttered to herself over her drink with the cute little paper umbrella.

She failed to realize that since the last time she visited the Libra Bar,  the place has been taken over by bikers. At one end of the bar sat Jupiter, his gut hanging out from the bottom of his T-shirt, beneath a torn leather jacket. He stared angrily at the other end of the bar, where Pluto sat flicking his switchblade and glowering silently back at Jupiter. From the back of the room, Uranus slowly approached them both, his hand slowly reaching for the pocket with the gun-shaped bulge in it.  Venus did not realize she had walked in to a big ugly T-square that was building up. 

The other patrons of the bar continued to focus on their drinks, determined not to become involved in the brawl that was about to begin. Venus, however, continued to mull over her situation, occasionally pausing to wave half-heartedly at someone, completely oblivious of the mayhem that was about to break out.

Finally she just couldn't take it any more. "I'm here, everyone!" she called out. "Let the good times and openhearted expressions of love and fondness begin!"

The poor girl. She never saw it coming.


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Anonymous said...

Genius! That's how I also feel the venus entrance changed! Not a happy time for that lady!