Monday, August 5, 2013

Jupiter And Saturn: Gifts From Santa And The Grim Reaper

Once you've gotten beyond the basics with Sun Sign astrology, one soon discovers the role of the other planets in determining one's personality and destiny. And it doesn't take much longer for the budding student of astrology to hear the whispered name of the dreaded planet Saturn.

Of course, any decent astrologer will tell you all about how the challenges that come with Saturn make you a better person, and how overcoming your obstacles will help you find happiness and your karmic path in life and yadda yadda yadda -- but, hey, wait... if Saturn is really such an awesome growth experience, why are you guys spending so much time padding out your descriptions of it? Am I being sold some sort of cosmic clunker here?

And what about Jupiter? It's the biggest planet in the Zodiac and it's allegedly the bringer of good luck and happiness... so why do we not hear more about it? Why do so many good transits go by unused and unnoticed?

If you want to know what your path to happiness in this life is, and if you want to know what potholes you'll likely encounter on the way, you need to know Jupiter and Saturn... not just in your birth chart, but also how the 12-year Jupiter Cycle and the 29-year Saturn Cycle affect you.

That's why Aliza from and I are pleased to present


...A two week course (just like our two week Venus and Mars course, which got rave reviews by the way) that not only provides you with a textbook that covers the basics about Jupiter and Saturn by Sign and House placement, but will also give you in-depth conversation and interaction with TWO professional astrologers about YOUR specific Jupiter and Saturn cycles: when the good times and bad times are likely to arrive, and how you can make the best of them both!

JUPITER: Your birth chart's "Happy Place"... where you find your bliss, your philosophy of life, and the key to committed relationships and friendships!

SATURN: The place where struggle and limitations happen... and once you've addressed those, it can be the source of your greatest happiness!

Like our Venus and Mars course, this will be Facebook-based and fully interactive, with both a textbook and lively discussion. The last class was a big hit, and places are already filling up. Attendance is limited, so write us for details today!

Readings at the special Sumer Rate are still available too! CLICK HERE for more details!

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Anonymous said...

Hi; I emailed a couple times to about readings but never received a response. How do you book? Is there a link to purchase on Paypal or how does it work? Thanks!