Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reality TV, By Sun Sign

"The Bachelor: Aries": He wants to get married... right now! Hurry up and grab your veil, the cab's waiting! What the hell are you waiting for?

"Last Ten Pounds Boot Camp": Tauruses engage in their traditional pastime: eating and complaining about their weight. This week: Mindy discovers a way to heat Pop Tarts on the treadmill.

"Boobies And The Geek": Sometimes they're the same person, particularly if you're a Gemini.

"I'm A Celebrity, Give Me Drugs!": not that Cancers are prone to artificially-enhanced withdrawal from reality... but this week's guests are Lindsay Lohan and Courtenay Love. Again.

"America's Got The Talent Of A Fifth Grader": ...but don't tell The Tap-dancing Leos they stink, or you'll never hear the end of it. Say nice things about their hair instead.

"Hell's Bathroom": Is there anything these Virgos won't clean? This week: critiquing the roommate (Viewer Discretion - Language).

"Wife Slap!": Libras... they've had enough peace love and understanding, for once.

"Who Wants To Bang A Pussycat Doll?": A Scorpio, that's who!

"So You Think You Can Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time?": Sagittariuses test the limits of safe behavior.

"Pimp My Mom": Capricorns find creative ways to stretch the domestic budget. This week: Mom works a convention.

"Inappropriately Touched By An Angel": Aquariuses are breaking the dating rules all over, and they want you to watch!

"Intervention": Addiction, compassion and suffering as a family tries to wean their Pisces off of her addiction to watching "Intervention."

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elsa said...

You're just so damned funny. :-)

Neith said...

*ROFLMAO***** tears running down cheeks funny!! Looks like you've earned a reprieve & the Scorpio Fairy won't have to visit after all . . . :-D

Madeline Hill said...

Absolutely toooooo funny!!!!!!!!
I think I personally know the stars of each show...

Hilary Young said...

I feel dirty for laughing. . .