Thursday, August 30, 2007

Western Vs. Vedic Astrology: A Brief Musical Interlude

I realize that most of you out there are more familiar with Western Astrology than you are with Vedic. That's okay: Vedic can be a little intimidating at first.

Both systems are looking at the same person, and the same planets in the same places. The language is different, the techniques are very different (yet strangely compatible once you get the hang of it), but the results (done properly) are the same.

I thought I should clear that up before I go on any more about Britney Spears. The best way I've been able to sum up the difference between these two schools of thought is musically. So turn up those speakers and get astrological with it!

First, the sound of a typical Western Astrologer looking at your birth chart. Lesley Gore, from "Ski Party" (1965):

Now, the same from a Vedic Astrologer. The Dust Brothers, from "Fight Club" (1999):

See? Vedic is easy to figure out!

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