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Britney Spears And Ashtakavarga Astrology -- Gesundheit!

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Britney Spears is going to be just fine, eventually, and I can demonstrate with ashtakavarga. It's a big scary word, but don't be afraid of it: ash-tok-a-var-ga. Say it with me.

Forget everything you know for a moment about astrology. I'm going to try to convey my great enthusiasm for Ashtakavarga astrology -- a Vedic technique so different from anything else you've seen before that it may as well be considered a branch of astrology distinct from either Vedic or Western. Furthermore, it's a technique that I have found to be consistently reliable and straightforward when it comes to making hard predictions.

Interested? Good. Read on.

The sky is divided into twelve equal portions, called "houses". When you were born, each of these portions received a certain number of "points" based on where the planets were at the time. The more points a house has in your birth chart, the stronger it is, leading to generally better results. Conversely, a house with a lower score tends to be more of a struggle. Each planet also has it's own strength, expressed as a number, depending on which house it is transiting through at the time.

On the right is the birth chart in standard Western terms. In the middle is the Vedic chart... the same information in a different format. The box in the bottom right-hand corner is the First House... that line through it represents the Ascendant. The box to the left of the one with the line through it is the second house, then the third, and so on clockwise around the chart.

On the far left (top left hand corner) is the same information again, except now the information is displayed as a numerical total (the "strength" of each house). Each of the remaining eight charts shows the strength of the transiting Ascendant or planet as it passes through that particular House, with that planet's natal position in grey. In other words, Brit's natal Sun is in the Third House, where it has a strength of 4 out of a possible 8.

(I'm going to pause now so you can catch your breath. All these numbers and boxes can be pretty intimidating. The ancient sages who laid the foundations of Vedic astrology knew this, and predicted that one day there would be a means to make all of this a lot easier. They were right. All these numbers were calculated in a blink by a computer. In the old days, if you went to an astrologer and wanted him to work out your ashtakavarga, you'd pay extra. And for good reason: doing this manually can be crazy-making. But the interpretation can be surprisingly straightforward.)

The houses work largely the way you're used to. The first house is "presenting symptoms" (in medical terms), the Seventh is marriage and partnerships, the Fifth is children and romance, the Tenth is career, the Eleventh is "love received" and so on.

One interesting thing about ashtakavarga -- whenever you see a big difference between the score in a house and the score in an opposite house, that shows an inherent imbalance between those two areas of a person's life. For example, a person with a high score in the First and a low one in the Seventh often indicates someone who "presents well" and is popular and well-liked but has constant difficulty in their marriage and close relationships.

Britney Spears has a score of 37 in her First House and a score of 28 in her Seventh. She has 31 in the Eleventh... but 23 in the Fifth House, representing children. The score is 35 in her Career House (the Tenth), but 20 in her domestic situation (the Fourth).

Although the traditional Vedic system doesn't use Pluto, it's still useful, and still means the same things in a Vedic chart. Pluto entered Brit's Vedic Fourth House last year. Hmmm. Given that big 4th House/Tenth House imbalance, I wonder if there's been trouble between Brit and her Mom, during all this career-boosting publicity?

You bet there is!

You might find yourself wondering at this point if ashtakavarga explains why some people with a strong Venus in the Seventh House have crappy marriages, and why some people breeze through their Saturn Returns.

And you'd be right.

Got all that? Good.

Next time: Quantum superpositioning and negative probability made simple!

Oh, wait, this is my astrology blog...

Next time: Britney Spears' future in detail, using ashtakavarga, made simple!

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