Monday, November 9, 2009

Book Excerpt: Sun In Libra

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The symbol for Libra is The Scales, which is entirely appropriate. Libras love weighing things: whether to buy this shirt or that shirt, what to say to their creditors to keep them quiet for a while, their odds of getting attention at the bar tonight, and themselves (followed by the traditional complaining). They are considered to be a peaceful, agreeable, partnership-oriented person... which is largely a scam. Ultimately, Libras aren't any more accommodating as anyone else: they simply have a gift for subtle persuasion of both themselves and others.

Libras aren't actually any more attractive than anyone else, but they tend to come across that way because they think they're attractive. Having unintentionally mastered that particular psychological trick, their next move is to cruise the horizon for a mate, like The Terminator scanning for someone to kill. Libra is often considered to be the "romantic" sign. And if by "romantic" you mean "having your way with someone and making them think it was their idea in the first place," you'd be right. That doesn't mean they are oversexed... once in a relationship, Libra can be as boring as everyone else.

Libras often appear to have little or no problem in life. That's because they have mastered the art of projection: they don't have control issues... you're the one who's acting up.


(And now, Shakira demonstrates which body part Libra rules.)

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