Friday, November 6, 2009

Book Excerpt: Sun In Virgo

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The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, which is in some ways the most misleading of all the Zodiac symbols. Virgos have just as much of a sex drive as anyone else: they're just less likely to be caught at it. They are patient, organized, and efficient people... although they will complain to you that they aren't organized or efficient enough, even when it's obvious they're better at that sort of thing than you are. Although slovenly and unkempt Virgos do exist, they are rare. Even the slovenly Virgos tend to have some area of their lives well-ordered and running efficiently... usually, their large collection of obsessions and neuroses.

People tend to think of Virgos as a little on the cold or indifferent side. This can make Virgos annoying to others, which can hurt a Virgo's feelings. They usually deal with that by presenting themselves as being a little cold or indifferent.

Virgos tend to be intelligent and focused workers, especially if the job involves organizing, cleaning, or being a martyr. They fall into the martyr role easily, being sensitive and caring people who always want to make things better. Although intelligent and knowledgeable, they often lack that sense of a "big picture." In other words: they tend to know where all the fire exits are but waste too much time cleaning out their desks when the building actually bursts into flames.


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