Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book Excerpt: Sun In Scorpio

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Scorpios are the most likely sign to have a complex about what sign there are. And for good reason: Scorpios have accumulated a reputation for being vengeful, wilful, and oversexed. This is inherently unfair to a Scorpio. They aren't any worse than anyone else... they're just far more focused about it when they are being awful.

The symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion, which is a creature capable of surviving and thriving in a wide variety of difficult environments. Biologists point out that this is due to their tough build and a stinger in the tail. The truth, however, is that most scorpions are just too stubborn to die under normal circumstances. And, in the event you have one wanting to kill you, they are unlikely to give up until they've achieved that goal too.

Scorpios are easy to annoy. All you have to do is invade their privacy, ask too many questions, or turn them down for sex. They make excellent reporters and detectives, which are career paths noted for involvement with invading people's privacy, asking too many questions, and sex. This is often balanced out by a great deal of inner strength and wisdom, which was usually hard-won after years of being told they're too intense.

Once a Scorpio sets their mind to something, they are incredibly difficult to stop. And they generally don't take it well if you try. Remember that friend of yours when you were a kid who totally freaked out when he lost a game of Monopoly? That kid was probably a Scorpio.



Anonymous said...

:) .. I am a sag with a libra and a scorpio ,, who loves a sag guy secretly and is getting out of a relationship with a virgo..

I read the parts abt libra, sag and scorp.. man you are MEAN to sags.. :P

and scorps are pretty ordinary, just that they are a FORT for the loved ones, mine is a FORT..

oh by the way, sags are NOT into flirtations, come on... I m very serious with everyone who is with me... wink

lots of love
ps: enjoyed your postings..

Matthew The Astrologer said...

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Matthew The Astrologer said...

Oh, and Anonymous? I'm mean to Sagittarius 'cause I AM one. :)