Friday, June 25, 2010

My Pre-Eclipse Confession

I've already received a few e-mails about tomorrow's Big Dramatic Eclipse, hitting at 4:38 AM PDT. Let me re-assure you... it isn't going to do anything to you that the regular plain-old astrological transits weren't setting up already. There are a lot of very good blog entries around as to the specifics, but the one thing I'd like to mention here that I don't see mentioned so much elsewhere: I think you can feel this one brewing, more so than most. That shouldn't be a surprise, maybe... given all the other planets involved with this one. It's there in the gut. I could have almost told you it was happening without an ephemeris.

(And if you're looking for a consultation about how this eclipse, and all the other sky-dramas going on out there will affect you, you can write me here. Of if you're in the Bay Area and want to meet me in person tomorrow, read THIS.)

If you face difficult times, know that you'll overcome them. And if any bad surprises come along, you'll manage them. But keep in mind that sometimes an eclipse can bring sudden, dramatic... good news.

Other than that? I'm prepared.

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