Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post-Eclipse Advice: Pet The Goat

I've been looking at the upcoming planetary transits for the next few months. There's the usual mix of peril and opportunity out there, but I think I've already drawn one important conclusion:

Capricorn: you guys are going to get stiffed in the empathy-from-others department. Again.

Yes, that eclipse wasn't a lot of fun for any of us, but I think it's going to be a little less fun for you than for others.

Among all the heavy-duty planets involved in the eclipse, it's easy to overlook that Mercury has entered Cancer... your opposite sign. That means an emphasis on communications with your partner(s) in life. And on top of that eclipse energy? That (might) mean just one thing when it comes to your conversations with loved ones. So, naturally, verbally-induced disappointments are likely to be more frequent than usual for the next while.

This makes me a little sad, because I've always thought Capricorns were cute little things, like goats at the petting zoo. People generally agree with this assessment at first, until someone mentions bringing a goat home as a pet.

Seriously, though: I love you guys. Your just a sensitive as your opposite, Cancer, but manage to function in a dignified, orderly way... or at least you maintain the appearance of it, which is almost as good. On the inside, though? You're as messy as the rest of us... maybe a little more, because being a Capricorn is a little like being born wearing a pinstriped suit. You have the same needs as everyone else, but based on appearances, everyone assumes you showed up knowing how to change your own diaper. Efficiently.

Come to think of it, a lot of you out there look like you've got it together on the outside a lot better than you do on the inside. And that of course, is why I'm here.

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Astrogirl7 said...

Great article on Cap!! They need love too...although they appear cool. Love those Caps!! :)

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Honestly, they need more petting than they let on. Spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Caps don't admit they need it because they fear the hurt, shame and pain of being turned down if and when they ask for something.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

You know, Caps are just as sensitive as their opposite sign, Cancer. Crabs wear armor, and scuttle away when you try to hurt them... and goats are more likely to attack when provoked. :)

Anonymous said...

I adore Capricorns. I want one for a pet.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

NOTE: I won't be previewing my blog entries here from now on. Better get over there and subscribe to the RSS feed before you miss anything! Especially you Capricorns.. :)

Matthew The Astrologer said...


Next Mercury Retrograde: August 20th. The first episode of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology: The Radio Show": August 19th.

Whew. :)

Stay tuned to this blog for further details!

Anonymous said...

I want this whole thing on a t-shirt!

Matthew The Astrologer said...

I love Capricorns. They are sweet little goaty things.