Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gary Coleman Is Dead, Gary Oldman Is Alive, And Uranus Is In Aries

Gary Coleman (Born, February 8, 1968, time unknown, Zion, IL) died of a cerebral hemorrhage Friday. Most astrologers (and rightly so) shy away from playing "prophet of doom," but in hindsight, Coleman's transits are classic for this sort of thing: Uranus, newly entered Aries, is conjunct Coleman's Mars/Saturn midpoint (associated with blood pressure issues). Saturn is conjunct his natal Uranus, and Neptune is conjunct his natal Mercury... all of which are bad signs for neurological issues, and circulation in the brain. 

Given his medical history, this may not be the biggest shock to those who knew Mr. Coleman. But Uranus always brings surprises. Consider the startling case of actor Gary Oldman, who (despite a current wave of Internet reports) is clinging tenaciously to life today. Thanks to the modern miracle of Internet communications (and the ancient miracle of miscommunication), there weekend was flooded with rumors of Mr. Oldman's death.

You see, Mr Oldman (March 21, 1958, 10:56 AM, London UK) has his Sun at 0 Degrees Aries.... right where Uranus is now.  His Sun is in his Tenth House, which rules public reputation. And his natal Saturn (in his Sixth House... daily work routines and such) is being squared by transiting Saturn. Translation: the rumors of Gary Oldman's death are highly exaggerated.

What does all this mean to you and me? Simple. Uranus is going to liven things up, unpredictably, for a lot of people in a lot of ways. And isn't that exactly what a good romance... or an exciting new career, or any of the other things people consult astrologers about... is supposed to do? 

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