Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Neptune In Pisces - The Peasants Are Revolting (And You Don't Smell So Good Either)

So, what happens when The Lord Of Dreams enters The Sign Of The Dreamers? Is it a time when dreams can come true? Is it a time of Magic and Wonder and Fairy Tale Endings? Will the true power of the Human Spirit and Imagination be unleashed to form a world worthy of our highest aspirations?

Will we all hold hands and collectively dream a better world for ourselves?

I dunno. Ask a Teabagger or a Birther or a Terrorist or a Socialist or a Revolutionary or a Gitmo Detainee or any of the other many, many Spooks and Ghosties scratching at the door of our collective unconscious trying to find an entry into our world.

Or better yet... ask an astrologer.

How will the affect you personally? Give me a call at (323) 443-7252 and find out!

"...wake up..."

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