Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning The Aspects: How Your Planets Talk To Each Other, And What They're Saying About You (Part Four)

So now that we've learned what the aspects are and their individual natures... how do we make sense of it all, when you look at a chart and it says "Sun sextile Neptune" or "Venus quincunx Jupiter," or whatever? First of all, there are some fine books out there that list all the possible aspects between the planets in an easily, orderly manner. A lot of astrologers call these (sometimes a little disparagingly) "cookbook" listings. They may not give you the depth of experience an actual astrologer might have with them, but on the other hand... if you follow the right cookbook you may not become an Iron Chef, but you're bound to make tastier meals than the average person.

To give you a little idea of the flavor an aspect lends to the planets it connects, let's have a look at a theoretical example. Imagine for a moment that Mercury, The Thinker And Talker, is standing at the very back of a very long line to get his driver's license renewed... along with his very different friend, Mars, The Action Man. Without taking any action, it will take them at least two hours to get to the front of the line. The aspect between the two of them is the nature of their conversation, and the actions they take as a result. Let's see how the aspect between the two affects their behavior...


We need to make this happen more quickly.
MARS: ...without actually getting ourselves arrested, of course.
MERC: I have an idea! (hands MARS a megaphone)
MARS(Speaking through megaphone) Your attention please! Due to budget cutbacks, today we will only be able to serve people whose name starts with "M." Thank you! (Ninety-five percent of the people in the lineup grumble and leave within ten minutes. MERC and MARS move to the front of the line)
MERC: Nice work, dude!
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