Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let's Learn Astrology With Charlie Sheen!

Today on "Conquer The Universe With Astrology": I'll not only be answering your questions (as usual) when you call (323) 443-7252... but I'll also look at the chart of the best-known celebrity train wreck du jour... Charlie Sheen. If you know a little about astrology and have always wondered "what the heck does he mean by 'transits" anyway?" this will be your chance to play along at home. I'll be describing major life events from Charlie's career, the times he's gone off the rails, and not only telling you astrologically why these things happened... but showing you as well. It's astrology, it's educational, it's scandalous!

4 PM Eastern (1 PM Pacific)

And, here's the chart... keep it open in a separate window while the show is on. Click on it... it gets bigger!

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Signed, hobo

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Jucy said...

Great stuff Matthew!! I love your humour and radio show on astrology!! :D Out of all BlogTalk Radio Shows, I currently listen to yours the most...