Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Amazing Truth About Nibiru!

Tonight on "Conquer The Universe With Astrology": a special segment dedicated to the the ongoing controversy about Nibiru, Planet X, or whatever you want to call it. You've heard about the enormous planet that approaches Earth's Orbit every 3600 years, raising hell with our magnetic poles and causing widespread disaster? As 2012 (and Nibiru, maybe) approaches, fear and anticipation are building. Did the ancient Sumerians  see this coming? Is this why the Mayan Calendar ends in late 2012? 

You may have heard a lot about this from a lot of sources. I have something to say about it too. Unlike many though... I can prove what I have to say. Prove it.

Yes, really. The proof about Nibiru. 

After the Nibiru segment, it will be astrology as usual. Join me in the chat room, or give me a call at (323) 443-7252 and I'll be answering your questions!

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