Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Moon Time!

Today  at 4 PM Eastern (1 PM Pacific) on a special 90 minute edition of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology": it's The Moon! I'll be covering the Moon in your birth chart by sign, and what exactly a "void of course" Moon really is.

Since the Moon will be void of course in Capricorn for showtime... right before a New Moon in Aquarius... why not?

PLUS: A special commentary on the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square, and what it will mean for the world as we approach the dreaded year 2012. How "dreaded" should it be, anyway?

PLUS: I'll be answering your questions live... so join us in the Chat Room or call 1 (323) 443-7252!

PLUS: My 2011 Astrology Guide free to everyone who writes me!

PLUS: What, that's not enough "pluses" for you?

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