Friday, February 4, 2011

Your Dream Date With An Astrologer

Hi. You look lovely this evening. You have that certain sparkle in your eyes... it must be the Venus-Pluto conjunction working its magic. I can't imagine someone like you could be all alone on a Friday night...

But of course, if you are... join me for the first of a special two-part episode of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology" tonight at 10 PM Eastern 7 PM Pacific, based on my e-book, "Love Around The Zodiac." I'll be reading selections from the book and answering questions about your love life (or anything else for that matter). Join me in the Chat Room, or call (323) 443-7252. If you're not happy with the state of your love life, we can look into what you can do about it, and when things will get better. And... if you are happy with the state of your love life... feel free to bring a date.

Part I Tonight:

Part II, same time Saturday:

Also: I can't squeeze a corsage through my modem, but if you write me, I'll send you your FREE guide to the Astrology of 2011! I tried sending a glass of red wine through the computer once... don't ask how that turned out.

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