Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moon Time, Part Two

Last Tuesday was PART I of a two-part show dedicated to the Moon in your birth chart. Among other things, we discussed the "Void Of Course Moon" concept. Like, how starting a project at that time was often doomed to failure. And, in fact, the Moon was Void Of Course when the show started. So, naturally... Hosni Mubarak went on TV to calm Egypt down at that time (and things got worse), and Moon Time Part One crashed partway through the show.

TODAY at 4 PM Eastern (1 PM Pacific): The Moon is in Aries, safely sextile to the Sun and Neptune... so if anything goes wrong... it's my fault. Listen in while I cover seven Moon Signs and answer your questions LIVE, either from the Chat Room or by calling  (323) 443-7252!

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