Monday, September 1, 2008

The Strange Case Of Trig Palin (UPDATED)

"A Physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician."

"An Astrologer with a knowledge of Medicine could get a hell of a blog entry out of this Trig Palin business."
-Matthew The Astrologer

It surprises me a little that in a US Election season where health care is (as always) an issue, and a leadership candidate has a true, harrowing tale of a medical emergency to tell, that someone or other hasn't made a bigger deal about it. Alaska Governor (and Republican VP candidate) Sarah Palin has quite the story to tell around the birth of her youngest child, Trig Palin. Governor Palin is being held up by conservative fundamentalists as a shining example for pro-lifers everywhere as the mother of a Down's Syndrome child.

Or is she?

A question for all you mothers out there: you're in your mid-40s, pregnant with your fifth child. It's four weeks before the due date. You start having contractions. At 4 AM you begin leaking amniotic fluid. You are the governor of the State Of Alaska, but are attending a convention in Dallas, Texas. Do you:

A) Proceed to the nearest hospital (Dallas has several excellent hospitals, and money is no object) and give birth.

B) Go to the airport, get in a plane, and fly to Anchorage Alaska. Once there, you literally drive past Anchorage Regional Hospital and Providence Hospital (which has the highest rated maternity care in the State) and then head for Wasilia (population: about 60,000) for a total travel time of nearly 24 hours to give birth at Mat-Su Hospital.

...A small-town hospital which, by the way, has no record of The State Governor having given birth there that day. You think they'd notice somethng like that.


There's a rumour going around that Trig Palin is in fact the child of Gov. Palin's daughter Bristol. Bristol has been seen a lot publicly lately... "publicly" in the sense that she is usually backstage handling the baby while Governor Palin is making an appearance. And I haven't been able to find any record of Bristol talking excitedly (or dejectedly) to any of her friends about the impending pregnancy. And neither will you, mostly because Bristol Palin was out of school for almost the entire pregnancy with an alleged case of mononucleosis.

By the way: the usual recovery time for mono? Three or four months.


Astrologically... even without a time of birth for Sarah Palin, you'd expect to see something exciting going on transit-wise for the Governor around then. Here's what was happening at the time:

Transiting Mars squaring natal Jupiter, trining natal Neptune.
Transiting Saturn quincunxing natal Venus.
Transiting Uranus: no major aspects.
Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction.
Transiting Pluto square natal Venus.

Now, without the proper time of birth, we can't know the house placements and rulerships in Governor Palin's chart. But we can tell there was a hell of a lot of Neptune... shadowy, nebulous, deceptive Neptune... going on at that time. Which seems appropriate. But of course (given the verified publicly-known facts on the matter) Sarah Palin must either be lying about having given birth to Trig Palin, or is telling the truth about being near-criminally stupid about a pregnancy. Her fifth pregnancy. All very... Neptunian.

Either way, I don't think this is the political role-model American women were begging for.


The Daily Kos.

UPDATE: Bristol apparently really is pregnant (either again or for the first time).  And apparently she's five months pregnant. Trig was born April 18th this year, so it is possible for Bristol to have birthed both children. Or maybe this is Bristol's first pregnancy, and she's merely a living example of what happens when fundamentalists pressure Republican leaders to take sex education out of public schools. Either way (as previously reported here,) the Big Star of The Show at Day One if the Republican National Convention is still definitely Uranus.)


Anonymous said...

Man, this is caaa-rrrrzzzay! I find it so incredibly bizarre that Palin was nominated. It wouldn't be so bizarre if her daughter gave birth to fact, that's what I believe.

On another note, I am SO glad you are blogging again. You were missed!

Michael said...

Or maybe Bristol Palin is not really pregnant now and the purpose of saying she is 5 months pregnant is to make people think that she could not possible be the mother of 4 month old Trig. I would not expect Bristol Palin's supposed pregnancy to ever yield a child.

Mandelay said...

More proof that we're more sexist than racist. Shame on you.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Sexist? Really. Let's rephrase it then:

"A woman in her mid-40s is pregnant with her fifth child. It's four weeks before the due date. You start having contractions. At 4 AM the mother begins leaking amniotic fluid. She's in Dallas. A male doctor advises her to travel almost 24 hours to give birth in a backwater town in Alaska rather than head for the nearest hospital... which is in Dallas, Texas, minutes from the woman's hotel room."

If the male doctor in this scenario is clearly incompetent, why is Sarah Palin a shining paragon of wise decision-making power if she does the same, with herself and her own child?

Calling me "sexist" for that is damned near sexist in and of itself. It implies that a woman's judgement cannot be questioned, even when it's clearly stupid and reckless.

If someone like that ends up as President (and John McCain is a 72 year old man who has had cancer more than once, so the concept isn't exactly sci-fi), with his or her hand hovering over the red button... does it make any difference if that President has ovaries or not?

Don't be ridiculous. Women have every much right to have terrible judgement as men do.

Doreen said...

For a moment I'd like to play devil's advocate. For the record, I don't think Palin was a good choice on McCain's part, but I also don't think a woman's decision-making and judgment while in labor should be used in assessing her qualifications for public office, be it Vice-President or mayor of a small town. Women in labor do not always exercise good judgment on their own behalf and can make decisions they wouldn't make in other situations. Like a labor & delivery nurse I know who during her own labor put off going to the hospital for the birth of her own chid until morning rush hour in Chicago and barely made it in time. Despite her training and ability to make excellent decisions on other women's behalf during childbirth, she didn't do so well in her own situation and later admitted it. Instincts take over and they don't always make sense.

In Palin's case, it sounds like her homing instinct overrode common sense and good judgment. Using the untimed Feb 11 1964 birth date for Palin, she has Sun, Mars, and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius. That alone is a determined gutsy warrior. Mars-Saturn even, or especially, when conjunct has trouble discerning whether to put on the brakes or press the pedal to the metal and in this case she forged ahead full throttle.

Plus she has Venus and Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries trine Ceres in Sagittarius is a lot of confidence and optimism related to mothering including giving birth. With Neptune square her Sun-Mars-Saturn conjunction there's good reason to question her ability to accurately assess her own abilities and limitations and that I think we should look at. But I think we have plenty to go on to judge her fitness for being a heartbeat away from the Presidency without taking into consideration her behavior while in child labor. I don't disagree with your assessment that both she and the doctor exercised poor judgment, but let's leave this incident off the table when considering her qualifications for high office. Childbirth can be a crazy time whether it's the first or the fifth. By the way I like your blog and this isn't meant to be negative criticism, just something to think about and discuss.

Anonymous said...

I wish tongue-in-cheek was easier to convey in blogland.

Doreen said...

Tongue in check, eh?

Anonymous said...

ha ha! I try to do tongue in cheek and like the Sag ASC I am all I get is foot in mouth! Bwa ha ha!

NicoleRadziwill said...
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Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked to see whether Sarah Palin's progressions/condition of the natal 5th house even indicate a 5th pregnancy in her mid-40's? And progressions for the daughter? This might tell the story.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

that was my first thought, until I played with it and found the progressions were pretty unworkable without a time of birth for Sarah. But you know I'll be on it if and when that surfaces...

MrHedge said...

Astrologically this dilema should be quite easy to solve. Look at Sarah's natal chart. Time of birth is 4:40pm, Place - Sandpoint, ID on 2-11-64.

I have seen her chart & it looks legit from what I can tell. Her chart shows 5 children. But that doesn't mean that all of them are natural births. You can also look at her chart & see what her children are like, as well as her marriage & what devastating circumstances will bring her down.

The information is in her chart. All it takes is someone who can put it together & read it.

Personally, with what little experience I have with natal charts, I would say that with a Leo Asc she is exactly what you see in public. Very proud & will drag her children out for the world to dote on because to her they go past being people to being possessions. She uses her children as stage props.

She is at her best in partnership situations. She cannot do well by herself. Her husband is integral to her doing her job.

One thing that seems to keep coming up is from people who know her well continually pointing out that she must surround herself with people she can trust. She is very insecure.

Where she has problems is with all the square aspects to her chart. Her former employees & all those people she stepped on on her way up the ladder are waiting for her & will be critical to bringing about her downfall.

Her 7th house has a stellium in it involving 3 very powerful planets. Saturn, Mars & Sun in Aquarius no less & Uranus is sitting in her 1st house along with Pluto. Saturn co-rules Aquarius as well.

Neptune in Scorpio in her 4th house of home tells me that nothing is as it is appears to be & there are many ugly secrets in that family. I would be willing to bet that her homelife takes dysfunctionality to a whole new zenith.

My daughter has her Neptune in Capricorn in the 4th house & she firmly lives as if she had one life when in fact she had anything but. So much for Neptune in the 4th.

I wouldn't want to be Palin. Her squares affect her personality, her career & her partnerships. The 3 areas that are very critical to her now.

My prediction is that Palin's house of cards will fall soon & with a resounding crash when it happens.

Saturn & Mars have a way of knocking one flat when they want to.

My gut feeling tells me that what we are watching here is her ascent with a devastating downfall shortly.

Just my opinon.