Monday, June 3, 2013

An Astrologer's Open Letter To Demi Moore

Dear Demi:

The New York Post reports that you are consulting an astrologer. According to their source, "Demi has told those close to her that her sessions with the astrologer have been life-changing and they’re helping her keep her demons in check." Apparently you are also getting a lot of help and clarity when it comes to your relationship with ex-husband Bruce Wilis and with the kids you two have together.

I am disturbed by this report, but not for the same reason many others will be.

I'm sure that there are people who will treat this report as yet another piece of celebrity piffle. Others will take it as another sure sign that celebrities have more money than sense. I, of course will disagree with this. I've seen the kind of help and clarity that an astrological consultation can give a person, about both the course of their own life and of their relationships. And one of the nice things about it is that one doesn't have to be incredibly rich or at all famous to take advantage of an astrologer's services.

What disturbs me about all this is that, had you seen an astrologer about your personal life early on during the course of your relationship with Ashton Kutcher, that astrologer could have take a good look at your birth charts and told you something like this:

"You know... it's nice you two turn each other on as much as you do. That of course comes from his Uranus being conjunct your Sun-Venus conjunction, and the provides a lot of, um... bang in a relationship. Really. But, seriously, Demi? His Mars is square that conjunction, and so is his Sun and Moon, and there's simply no constructive Saturn action of note going on anywhere that will help support the relationship when things go astray, as the always do in a relationship from time to time. Besides, all your Scorpio and all his Aquarius makes for a bit of spice, but the two of you are (almost literally) on two different planets. This thing, long term, is about as stable as a dynamite truck on an unpaved road. With bad shock absorbers. During an earthquake. So, have fun with each other... but for heaven's sake, let's not take it too seriously, shall we?"

...or words to that effect.

So, please, Demi: next time you decide to get into a seriously relationship, please consult an astrologer. Love makes people a little bit nuts, and an outside perspective never hurts.

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