Thursday, June 6, 2013

Have An Astrologer On Retainer!

I have repackaged my readings of late so that I can be of service to as many of you as possible. Many of you have one question, or only want to explore one subject area. Others have questions about their love lives and could benefit from the limited-time “Summer Lovin’” special that Aliza from currently have available. Others are interested in learning more about astrology and are looking for tutoring. Many of you would like to have time in the bank with an astrologer to use when and how you please… or even to transfer some to someone else as a unique last-minute gift.

I’ve come up with a solution for you: Have an Astrologer On Retainer!

It’s just like having your very own lawyer on retainer: when you want it or need it, it’s there for you. A three-hour block of time, equivalent to three full readings (but at a 25% discount!) that you can use all at once or in chunks any time you like. It gives you the depth and flexibility you need without feeling like you’re always watching the clock during a regular reading. And, like I said… you can even transfer part of it to someone else. It’s like getting a discount on your own gift for buying gifts for someone else!

 It’s a great opportunity to both peer into yourself and your future at a great price, maybe learn astrology, maybe delight a friend, or maybe when you need a rush opinion on something. In any case, my time is yours! Write me for details!

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